100 Greatest US Coins 5th edition


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Jeff Garrett

  • ISBN: 0794846475
  • Pub Date: 9/24/2019 Edition: 5th
  • Binding: hardcover Size: 8.5×11 Pages: 144
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In this beautifully illustrated coffee-table book, distinguished numismatist Jeff Garrett takes you on a personal guided tour of the most significant U.S. coins of the modern era. From humble Lincoln cents to costly American Platinum Eagles, each of the ranking coins was voted into place following rigorous research to determine which were worthy of being contenders for the 100 Greatest. This revised and updated fifth edition features new additions to the list and dramatic – even surprising – changes in ranking. A new appendix shows how coins changed position on the list and explains the reasoning behind some of the most extreme changes. You’ll learn the behind-the-scenes stories that illuminate how these particular coins became so desirable – and why they illustrate, better than any others, the high point of our nation’s modern coinage.