1798 Large Eagle Draped Bust Dollar F15 Details


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This 1798 Draped Bust Dollar (Large Eagle) has been certified as Fine by ANACS, one of the top two coin grading services. This coin was minted when George Washington was alive.

Coin Highlights:

  • This coin has a mintage of 327,536.
  • Large eagle is also referred as Heraldic Eagle Reverse
  • Designed by Robert Scott
  • ANACS encapsulation guarantees the coin’s Fine Details condition.
  • Coins from the Philadelphia Mint do not feature a mint mark.
  • Edge is Lettered
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  • Year: 1798
  • Grade Service: ANACS -Fine Details
  • Denomination: $1.00
  • Metal Content: 0.7738 troy oz
  • Purity: .8924
  • Thickness: 3.1 mm
  • Diameter: 39-40 mm
  • Referred as Heraldic Large Eagle -Heraldic Eagle Reverse (1798-1804)

AG-3 About Good- Clear enough to identify

G-4 Good- Bust outlined, no detail. Date legible, some leaves evident.

F-12 Fine- All drapery lines distinguishable. Some detail visible in hair lines near check and neck.

VF-20 Very Fine- Left side of drapery worn smooth.

EF-40 Extra Fine- Drapery distinctly visible. Hair well outlined and detailed.

AU-50- About Uncirculated- Slight trace of wear on the bust shoulder and hair to left of forehead, as well as on eagle’s breast and top edges of wings.

MS-60 Uncirculated- No trace of wear. Light blemishes.

From NGC Website:

The 1798 silver dollar with Heraldic Eagle reverse is among the more common dates of this type. It’s large published mintage certainly hints at that fact, though this number is larger than the estimated figure for silver dollars actually bearing the 1798 date. The U. S. Mint was compelled to be thrifty with its dies, using them for as long as they remained serviceable, regardless of the date they carried. In his book on early dollars, Q. David Bowers estimated that 140,000-150,000 of the dollars coined during calendar year 1798 were actually dated 1795-97, with another 35,000 or so bearing the 1798 date but with the Small Eagle reverse. He further estimated that about 235,000 1798 Heraldic Eagle dollars were struck in all, this number including ones struck during 1799 and, possibly, 1800.

This issue may be divided into two major varieties, the earlier coins displaying the Knobbed 9 typical of earlier dates, while the later and more plentiful dies feature the Pointed 9 that carried on into the following date. An amazing total of 31 die marriages have been recorded for this large issue. Rare marriages include BB-93, BB-101, BB-110 and BB-114. Rarer still are BB-91, BB-103 and BB-117.