1929 $20 National Bank Note San Diego, CA

$925.00 $575.00

PMG Certified 25   Cert.# 8023866-003

Fr#1801-1   Charter Bank #3050

First national Trust & Savings Bank of San Diego

Type 1  Low Serial # C000778A


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$20 San Diego CA FR#1802

The United States National Bank Of San Diego also printed 3,072 individual notes from the type2 1929 $10 national bank note series. That may seem like a high number, but remember that is total notes printed for the denomination, not sheets printed. The easiest way to spot the difference between type1 1929 $10 bills and 1929 type2 $10 bills is in the serial number. Type2 notes have a serial number that ends with a number. 1929 type1 notes have a serial number that ends with the letter A. Generally speaking, these $10 bills are rarer than the earlier type1 issues. However, most collectors don’t pay more for that rarity because they look basically the same.

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