Coca-Cola Polar Bear Funko POP! 10 Inch #59


This Coca-Cola Polar Bear Funko POP! figure is meticulously designed to capture the charming look of the brand’s mascot. The 10-inch size adds a significant presence to any collection, highlighting the intricate details and playful design of the Polar Bear.

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CVC & Collectables presents this beloved Coca-Cola brand with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear Funko Pop! 10 Inch Exclusive #59. This impressive figure captures the iconic Coca-Cola Polar Bear in a larger-than-life size, making it a standout piece for dedicated fans and collectors.

Product Highlights:

  • Brand: Funko Pop!
  • Character: Coca-Cola Polar Bear
  • Exclusive: 10 Inch Exclusive #59
  • Packaging: Exclusive window box, perfect for display
  • Scale: 10-inch figure
  • Articulation: Standard Funko Pop! figure articulation for display purposes

Funko Pop! figures are beloved for their unique and stylized designs, making them highly collectible. The Coca-Cola Polar Bear Funko Pop! 10 Inch Exclusive #59, with its exceptional detail and larger size, stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of the Coca-Cola brand. This figure is perfect for collectors who appreciate both the classic and contemporary aspects of Funko Pop! merchandise. Find more alike here!


Coca-Cola Polar Bear






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