Coin Capsule Box – Holds an extra large size coin capsule


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Sleek, blue velvet, metal construction coin box with coin display insert. The specially made Guardhouse box insert will display the coin flat or at a slight angle for quick viewing. The Guardhouse single coin box is ideally designed to hold any 2 inch coin or coin capsule, including the Model I Air-Tite coin capsules. The size, extra large, refers to the size of the insert, which is 2 inches, or 51mm. Actual coin box size is 2.5×2.5×1. Made in the USA.



Transline Supply offers custom printing on all Guardhouse velvet coin boxes. Velvet coin boxes are a great way to customize and add your brand to a coin box for any occasion. We can print on the inner lid of the box, the outer protective sleeve, or both for a fully customized set. We offer several foil color options for you to choose from. We stock several velvet box colors, but we can also create any color coin box you might need. Follow this link for more information and to see examples of customized velvet coin boxes.

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