Flat Clinch Stapler – Standard Size


Item #: 1800
Max USA Corp#: HD-50DF
Size: 1.75×7.25×3.125 Color: Black
Sold Individually
Case Qty: 40

“FLAT CLINCH” Series used for paper coin holders. A regular stapler leaves two bowed arches on the back of each staple. These bows can catch on the surface of coin holders or even tear the window of other paper 2×2 holders. For years, numismatists had to use plyers to laboriously flatten each staple with needle nosed plyers. The flat clinch stapler ensures each staple lies flat, eliminating the time-consuming task of flattening each staple. Staples 2-30 sheets of 20lb paper with a load capacity of 210 standard staples. Use with standard staples or No. 35-5M, 3-1M.

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