Great Britain Penny (1189-99) S-1347 Hammered Coinage PCGS VF35



Great Britain Penny Very Fine 35

PCGS# 895748

Great Britain Penny

Richard I (1189-99), Penny, Short Cross

London mint: Moneyer Stivene.

Reverse: legend surrounds Cross stivene.on.lvn, V and N ligatured (N.967; S.1347; Mass 798). Well centered, struck on a full flan with an impressive portrait, pearls to crown visible and the chin and side whiskers intelligible. Reverse mint and moneyer bold, with an evenly placed small cross. Approaching very fine.

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Period 1189 – 1199
Hammered Coinage

Denomination: Penny

Coin Ruler: Richard l

Country: Great Britain

Metal: Silver

Mint Mark: London

Weight 1.39 g

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm