JUDAEA Herod the Great 40-4 BC


  • Herod known for colossal building of projects
  • Ruler of Judea who ordered Massacre of Innocents threatening the birth of Jesus although most biographers do not confirm
  • Appears in Christian Gospel of Mathew 2:1-20
Year of Issue: 40-4 BC
Mint: Judaea Mint
Grading Service: NGC
Grade: Genuine
Composition: Bronze
Denomination: 1
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The obverse features an image of an anchor to commemorate the establishment of the port at Caesarea Maritima by King Herod. The anchor is flanked by the inscription “HPW BACIA,” which translates as “of King Herod.”

A double cornucopia is illustrated on the reverse, encircling a caduceus between, with five pellets above. The cornucopia, also known as the Judean horn of plenty, represents abundance, while the caduceus, an image of two snakes winding around a winged staff, is a pagan symbol of prosperity.

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm