Locking Coin and Challenge Coin Cabinet with 7 Shelves and Lock


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  • Size: 15.3 x 18 x 2 Color: Dark Mahogany
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Premium Military Challenge and Coin Display Cabinet Box with 7 Shelves and Lock


  • Ideal for military challenge coins, poker chips, antique, and unique coins
  • Removable shelf for easy customization of your challenge coin collection
  • 7 shelves measure 14×2.4″each. One shelf is removable creating a 4.8-5 inche space
  • Plexiglass prevents the box from shattering all over the place if the box drops
  • Fully wood, unlike other military challenge coin boxes that have unfinished particle board backing
  • Concealed locking mechanism for safe storage of your collectible challenge coins
  • Nearly 45% larger capacity than other challenge coin shadow boxes on the market

What kinds of coins does this box support?

2″ challenge coins for the normal rows, up to 4″ coins (with shelf removed).

This beautifully crafted, dark mahogany color shadow box is perfect for coin collectors displaying military challenge coins and coin capsules. Artfully designed with gold-colored hinges, clasps and secured with a lock and key, this challenge coin box features 7 shelves capable of holding up to 56 coins. This is a great option for displaying challenge coins earned over the years. The top shelf is removable, providing room for challenge coins, commemmorative coins, medals or items larger than 3 inches.

Each shelf has a 6mmx3mm groove that holds your challenge coin or challenge coin capsule in place, preventing it from slipping off. The challenge coin box is designed to be displayed vertically on a shelf or desk. It may also be mounted on a wall. Hardware for wall mounted display not included. Challenge coins not included.

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