Money of the Bible, 2nd Edition


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Kenneth Bressett

  • ISBN: 079483955X
  • Pub Date: 6/30/2007 Edition: 2nd
  • Binding: Hardcover Size: 12.2 x 10.3 x 0.7 Pages: 114
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The 2nd edition of Money of the Bible is updated with new photographs and new research. The book studies how the Bible was written, and its nature; commerce before coins; coins of Old Testament times; coins in the New Testament; first-century money and trade; coins mentioned in Jesus’ parables and lessons; coins and the Passion of Christ; the beginning of Christianity; coins with Biblical themes; and how to collect Biblical coins. A foreword by Dr. Paul Rynearson and a detailed index round out the text and full-color photographs. Hardcover, 120 pages, Coffee-table format (10×12 inches), Fully Illustrated in Color.