Romano-Gallic Empire Victorinus AD 269-271 BI Double-Denarius NGC Fine


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Obverse: Emperor Victorinus, bearded, draped and cuirassed, facing right, embellished with a traditional radiate crown, surrounded by the inscription “IMP C PIAV VICTORINVS AVG” (Imperator Caesar Piavonius Victorinus).

Reverse: Pax, the goddess of peace, standing left, an olive branch and scepter in her grasp, accompanied by the inscription “PAX AVG.” The Mint mark of Trier (Germany) appears, which is a “V” in the left field, and a star in the right.

The Romano-Gallic Empire was relatively a small territory that broke away from the northernmost region of the Roman Empire during the Crisis of the Third Century, and functioned as a separate state for the short period during A.D. 260-274. Marcus Piavonius Victorinus was ruler of the Romano-Gallic Empire from A.D. 269-271. This coin was struck from a metallic alloy called billon, a bronze base metal with a light silver wash

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