Semacon Compact Automatic Currency Authenticator S—960


Item #: 102425
  • Semacon#: S-960
  • Size: 4.75×3.25×2.5
  • Sold Individually

Ease of Use

The Semacon model S-960 Compact Automatic Currency Authenticator features a simple Pass/Fail indicator and eject direction control in a durable compact space-saving design. Feeding a bill into the machine is done quickly and easily, followed by an immediate indication of the authentication results.

State of the Art Detection Technology

The S-960 utilizes Semacon’s SmartCert leading edge technology including custom designed sensors to authenticate each banknote. The machine verifies the banknote paper density and size and checks both sides of the banknote for validity of the magnetic features, metameric infrared marks, ink properties and banknote infrared images. Banknote authenticity is based on an integral analysis of all measurements taken, providing the highest counterfeit detection accuracy available in a compact point of sale machine.

Fast Processing and Results

Banknotes are processed at a rate of 80 per minute. Authenticated notes may be ejected through the rear of the machine or returned to the feed tray and cause the PASS indicator to be illuminated. Suspect notes are returned to the feed tray and cause the machine to beep and the FAIL indicator to be illuminated.

Rechargeable Battery

The S-960 features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which enables the machine to be used with or without an AC power cord. While plugged in the battery is automatically recharged. While in battery mode the machine will OPERATE FOR HOURS DEPENDING ON THE FREQUENCY OF USE.


This model can be easily upgraded to handle any future banknote releases which may be issued by the Federal Reserve Bank.

Semacon Quality Promise

All Semacon machines are extensively tested and burned in under rigorous conditions in our US facility, assuring the highest possible quality and reliability.

Weight .4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 3 cm