Silver Eagle Bulk Coin Capsules – 250 Pack Guardhouse Evocore


Item #: 668237
  • Guardhouse Holders#: 636836682372
  • Size: 40.6mm Bulk (Large) Color: Ultra Clear
  • Sold in Packs of 250
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The new EvoCore capsule from Guardhouse is a precision piece, designed from the ground up as a protective lens for your coin and formed in highly polished molds for a flawless surface.

EvoCore coin capsules is molded from archival PMMA, an acrylic known for its optical clarity, impact strength and extreme scratch resistance.

Evocore features an all new proprietary notch design, which makes opening a Guardhouse EvoCore coin capsule as easy as turning a key. Just insert a mini screwdriver or similar tool into the notch, twist and open.

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