Whitman Encyclopedia of Mexican Money Vol 1


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Don and Lois Bailey

  • ISBN: 0794834078
  • Pub Date: 11/25/2014 Edition: 1st
  • Binding: Hardcover Size: 9×6 Pages: 300
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Whitman Encyclopedia of Mexican Money, Volume 1 is an overview and history of Mexican coinage and currency. The first volume in this four-volume encyclopedia is a richly illustrated introduction to Mexican numismatics, from pre-Columbian money to the colonial era, independence, revolutions, modern coinage reforms, commemorative programs, bullion, medals, and paper money. In addition to coins, this book covers primitive money, patterns, tokens, error coins, orders and decorations, and other specialized numismatic topics. Forthcoming volumes in the Whitman Encyclopedia of Mexican Money will cover these topics in greater detail: media of exchange from pre-Columbus days through Republican coinage; the coinage reforms of 1905 and 1992; and coinage of the 1910-1920 Mexican Revolution.