1831 5C Capped Bust Half Dime


CVC & Collectibles presents this 1831 5C Capped Bust.

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Half dimes have the same general designs as larger United States silver
coins. Authorized by the Act of April 2, 1792, they were not struck until
February 1795, although some were dated 1794. At first the weight was 20.8
grains, and fineness .8924. By the Act of January 18, 1837, the weight was
reduced to 20-5/8 grains and the fineness changed to .900. The weight was
later reduced to 19.2 grains by the Act of February 21, 1853. Half dimes
offer many varieties in the early dates.

MINTAGE:  1,242,700

AG-3 About Good—Details clear enough to identify.
G-4 Good—Date, stars, LIBERTY readable. Bust of Liberty outlined, but no details.
VG-8 Very Good—Some details visible.
F-12 Fine—Hair and drapery lines worn, but visible.
VF-20 Very Fine—Only left side of drapery indistinct.
EF-40 Extremely Fine—Details visible in all hair lines.
AU-50 About Uncirculated—Slight wear on bust, shoulder, and hair; wear on eagle’s head and top of
MS-60 Uncirculated—No trace of wear. Light blemishes.
MS-63 Choice Uncirculated—Some distracting marks or blemishes in prime focal areas. Impaired
luster possible.


Half Dimes

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