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Bullion is metal or alloys with a high standard of elemental purity that does not contain iron. Bullion comes in several forms for precious metals such as gold and silver. It's typically used in the production of coins and bars that are over 90% purity for gold or silver.

It can be a protected asset in your financial portfolio. Gold and silver are able to withstand economic trends and inflation. For example, a quarter made of 90% silver was worth approximately .25 cents in 1964. That quarter could buy you a gallon of gas. Today, that same silver quarter has appreciated in value to $4.50 and can still buy you a gallon of gas ( in 2021!)

There are several factors that affect the spot price for gold and silver. This includes: Supply and Demand, Inflation, Strength of the Dollar, Interest Rates, Economic trends, Government Policies, Technology, National and Global trends, and World Conflicts.

By buying Silver, Gold, Platinum or Palladium. It's not limited to Bullion and Bars. These metals are also used in the industrial sector that produces Electronics, Solar Panels, Medical Equipment, Cellphones, Cars and more. There are many forms of precious metals to invest in.

They are all bullion. Precious metals gold is best to purchase when it's easier to liquidate. If I were in China, I would buy Chinese bullion Pandas. If I were in Canada, I would invest in Canadian Maple leafs Gold.

The United States Gold Eagle is the number one traded gold bullion coin in the world. Why? Because coins are harder to replicate, unlike counterfeit gold bars you might find on a random site. Some people invest in jewelry which holds a percentage of purity. However, jewelry is not as easy to trade because of the purity levels.

You can work with CV Coins & Collectables to help determine which bullion investment is right for you.

Silver bullion and silver bars are the same. Silver coins can be understood as two different items.

The primary difference between silver rounds and silver coins is legal tender status. Coins are legal tender, which means they have a face value or denomination and a date made from a sovereign country. Thus, coins hold actual monetary value. Rounds are not legal tender, and are generally made by private manufacturers.

You can buy precious metals online or at physical stores. The best place to buy gold and silver are local coin stores. You actually get to see and verify the products before buying. Established shops like CV Coins & Collectables are transparent about their buy and sell process with fair pricing on items. We also have a wide selection of gold and silver coins, bullion, jewelry, collectables and more!

There are many ways to purchase gold, silver, platinum and palladium online. Ebay is the largest third-party selling platform, but fees can increase upwards to 10-12%. There's also a lack of communication where you're unable to ask the right questions about your purchase. Buyers should ask, "What is the buy back price?" to learn about the liquidability of their item.

If a seller or company refuses to answer, that's a sign to find a trustworthy dealer. CV Coins & Collectables has proudly served the community for over 50 years with long-lasting relationships that extend nationwide. Our inventory is available online to maximize your purchase from a reputable gold dealer. We encourage our clients to visit our store and meet with our gold and silver dealers who will help you make a well-informed decision.

Most buyers assume that ETFs and Stocks are safe investments. However, there are a lot of factors that can influence the value of your holdings. In this case, we recommend having physical bullion in hand like silver and gold coins, rounds, and bars.

Working with a reputable silver and gold dealer brings many advantages. At CV Coins & Collectables, we're client advocates to help you expand your collection and financial portfolio with authentic products and fair prices.

We recommend using a debit card to secure the transaction, protecting both the buyer and seller. Other payment methods are available, but have some restrictions.

Credit cards usually have an extra 3.5% fee on the final amount. Cash is king, but a large transaction requires a special Federal form. Finally, Checks and Cashier's Checks are welcome, but require a hold. All of these options are available, however it will prolong the process before you can secure your gold and silver.

Tax laws differ state to state, so you should receive advice from a tax consultant. In California, the law states there is no tax on Bullion products with a purchase of $2,000 or more. These products include collectable coins as well as bullion coins which have a precious metal bullion value.

Buying in larger quantities gets you closer to the spot price on the Stock Market. So, purchasing in higher quantities will be more beneficial and tax rates won't apply to your bullion.

To protect yourself from inflation. For example- back in 1964 our money was backed and made with silver. Half dollars, quarters and dimes were 90% silver. 1965 coins for circulation were made of copper nickel. Back, pre-1970's gas was about .25 a gallon. A pre-1964 quarter was worth about the same. Today (2021) a silver quarter is worth about $4.50- A gallon of gas is about $4.50.

The answer is? You want to buy with as low of a premium as you can. Different premiums depend upon the market and availability will drive the premiums. Supply and demand is true here. Physical silver versus silver stocks? One you have in hand and the other is a piece of paper. When the demand is high and it becomes hard to get physical silver the premiums skyrocket. This is the same for when you buy and sell products. During a normal period you can buy at spot plus $1.00 or $1.50 and sell about the same minus. Spot minus $1 to $1.50. If you are trying to buy as close to the spot, you might consider purchasing in 1000 oz bars. Purchasing large bars will help with that spot price difference.

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