1838 Liberty Seated Half Dime- Large Stars


CVC & Collectibles presents this 1838 Liberty Seated Half Dime- Large Stars.

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The Liberty Seated design without stars on the obverse was used on the half
dime and dime only at the Philadelphia Mint in 1837 and the New Orleans
Mint in 1838. On those coins, Liberty has no drapery fold at her elbow.
Starting in 1838 on the Philadelphia coinage, stars were added around the
obverse border. During 1840 and thereafter, an additional fold of drapery
was added at the elbow of Liberty.

MINTAGE: 2,225,000

G-4 Good—LIBERTY on shield smooth. Date and letters legible.
VG-8 Very Good—At least three letters in LIBERTY visible.
F-12 Fine—Entire LIBERTY visible, weak spots.
VF-20 Very Fine—Entire LIBERTY strong and even.
EF-40 Extremely Fine—LIBERTY and scroll edges distinct.
AU-50 About Uncirculated—Traces of light wear on many of the high points. At least half of mint
luster still present.
MS-60 Uncirculated—No trace of wear. Light blemishes.
MS-63 Choice Uncirculated—No trace of wear. Light blemishes. Attractive mint luster.


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