250-200 BC Greek Imitative Philip II AR Tetradrachm ANACS VG 8


CVC & Collectables presents this 250-200 BC Greek Imitative Philip II AR Tetradrachm ANACS VG 8.

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CVC & Collectables presents this 215-200 BC Greek Imitative Philip II AR Tetradrachm ANACS Very Good 8. Philip II, the 18th king of Macedonia (359–336 BCE), whose reign marked a pivotal era of restoration and expansion in ancient Greece. Born in 382 BCE and passing away in 336 BCE in Aegae (now Vergina, Greece), Philip II’s legacy reverberates through history as a visionary ruler who brought internal peace to Macedonia and wielded military and diplomatic prowess to secure dominion over all of Greece by 339 BCE, laying the groundwork for its future expansion under his son, Alexander III, famously known as Alexander the Great.

As the son of Amyntas III, Philip witnessed the fragmentation of the Macedonian kingdom during his youth. Despite the challenges posed by regional vassal princes’ insubordination, Thebes’ intervention, and Illyrian invasions, Philip emerged as a formidable leader. His formative years spent as a hostage in Thebes, under the tutelage of Epaminondas, greatly influenced his military acumen and strategic thinking.

Upon his return to Macedonia, Philip ascended to the throne unexpectedly in 359 BCE following the death of his brother Perdiccas, who fell to an Illyrian invasion. Faced with imminent threats from neighboring powers and internal contenders for the throne, Philip swiftly navigated the turbulent waters of Macedonian politics. He astutely negotiated treaties, including ceding Amphipolis to Athens, while meticulously preparing his military forces for the challenges ahead.

Philip’s reign witnessed the development of revolutionary battle formations, notably the phalanx, which he and his son Alexander the Great later perfected. His innovative military strategies, including the introduction of the sarissa—a pike significantly longer than traditional Greek spears—transformed Macedonian warfare and laid the foundation for future conquests.

Coin Highlights:

  • Metal: Silver
  • Grade: Very Good 8
  • Time period: 215-200 BC Greek

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