1878 $1 Legal Tender FR#27 PMG UNC 62


CVC & Collectables presents this 1878 $1 Legal Tender FR#27 PMG UNC 62.

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CVC & Collectibles proudly presents the 1878 $1 Legal Tender. This FR#27 currency, certified Uncirculated 62 by PMG (Paper Money Guaranty), holds immense historical significance. Issued during the post-Civil War era and the process of Reconstruction, it symbolizes unity and resilience.

These first-series notes facilitated economic transactions, reflecting the nation’s determination to rebuild and reunite. The Uncirculated 62 grade denotes decent condition, displaying legible design elements with moderate wear from circulation during this transformative period.

Owning this 1878 $1 Legal Tender note PMG Uncirculated 62 grants you a tangible piece of American history. It serves as a vivid reminder of the nation’s challenges, recovery, and progress. Its colorful design, certified grade, and historical context make it a valuable addition to any U.S. currency or numismatic collection.

Currency Highlights:
– Sealed in an inert mylar currency holder certified by PMG
– Graded Uncirculated 62 by PMG
– Dated: 1878

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