Guardhouse Single Row Tetra Box – Holds 25


Item #: 781637
  • Guardhouse Holders#: 091037816337
  • Size: 12 5/16” W x 2 1/2” L x 2 5/16” H Color: White

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Single Row Glossy white paperboard box with velour flocked interior slots to snugly hold 25 Guardhouse square Tetra coin holders. Boxes also hold Lighthouse Quadrums and Whitman Snaplocks. This box size is also a perfect fit for Proof US Mint Silver Eagle capsules!


Transline Supply offers customization on Guardhouse coin capsule storage boxes. We can modify the coin capsule inserts to fit specialized coins or other collectible products you might be interested in storing. Follow this link for more information and to see examples of customized storage boxes.

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