1816 So FJ Chile 8 Reales ANACS Very Fine 30


CVC & Collectables presents this 1816 So FJ Chilie 8 Reales ANACS VF 30.

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CVC & Collectables presents this 1816 So FJ Chile 8 Reales ANACS VF 30, Issued in Chile during the reign of King Ferdinand VII (1808-1821). The 1816 So FJ Chile 8 Reales coin is a remarkable piece of numismatic history. This period was marked by political upheaval and the struggle for independence in Latin America, making coins from this era particularly fascinating to collectors and historians. The 8 Reales coin, often referred to as a “piece of eight,” was the cornerstone of commerce in the Spanish colonies, symbolizing economic stability and royal authority.

The 1816 So FJ Chile 8 Reales is a silver coin with a substantial weight of 27.0674 grams and a diameter of 40.5 mm. Struck from .896 silver, this round coin features the bust of King Ferdinand VII on the obverse, reflecting the monarch’s authority during a turbulent period in Chile’s history. The reverse has teh crowned arms and pillars. The detailed artistry and historical significance make this coin an essential addition to any collection.

Graded ANACS VF 30, this coin stands out due to its excellent condition and historical importance. Coins from the early 19th century, particularly those minted during times of significant political change, are highly sought after by collectors. The 1816 8 Reales is not just a piece of currency; it is a tangible link to the past, offering a glimpse into the economic and political climate of the time. This coin’s silver content and preservation further enhance its value, making it a worthy investment for all collectors.

Coin Highlights:

  • Grade: Very Fine 30
  • Grader: ANACS
  • Composition: Silver (.896)
  • Weight: 27.0674 g
  • Diameter: 40.5 mm

Collecting this 1816 So FJ Chile 8 Reales means acquiring a piece of history that not only adds value to your collection but also serves as a conversation starter and a proud display of your numismatic knowledge. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a coin that encapsulates the rich history of Chile and the broader Spanish Empire during a pivotal era. Find more alike it here!

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Very Fine – 30





Metal Type silver
Metal Weight 27.067 g
Metal Purity s.900
Diameter 40.5
Year 1816
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