1875-Dem Five Pesetas Spain ANACS AU 50 Cleaned


CVC & Collectables presents this 1875-Dem Five Pesetas Spain ANACS AU 50 Cleaned.

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CVC & Collectables presents this 1875-Dem Five Pesetas coin from Spain marks the reign of King Alfonso XII, who ruled from 1874 to 1885. This period was a time of restoration and modernization for Spain following the tumultuous years of the First Spanish Republic. The peseta, introduced in 1868, became the standard currency and symbolized economic stability and the resurgence of the Spanish monarchy.

The 1875-Dem Five Pesetas coin is a round silver coin with a composition of .900 silver, weighing 25 grams and measuring 37 mm in diameter with a thickness of 2 mm. The obverse features the portrait of King Alfonso XII, reflecting the monarch’s dignified presence and the era’s artistry. The reverse has the crowned arms of Spain with pillars, with denomination below.

Graded ANACS AU 50, this coin is in excellent condition, showcasing its well-preserved details and minimal wear. The 1875 Five Pesetas coin is a significant piece for collectors due to its historical context and silver content. It represents a critical period in Spain’s history, making it a desirable addition to any numismatic collection. Its grading by ANACS assures its authenticity and quality, enhancing its appeal and value.

Coin Highlights:

  • Grade: AU 50
  • Grader: ANACS
  • Composition: Silver (.900)
  • Weight: 25 g
  • Diameter: 37 mm
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • References: KM# 671

Owning the 1875-Dem Five Pesetas coin means possessing a piece of Spain’s rich history and the legacy of King Alfonso XII’s reign. This coin not only adds value to your collection but also serves as a historical artifact from a pivotal era. Its superb condition and detailed craftsmanship make it an exceptional find for collectors. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this remarkable coin, a testament to Spain’s storied past and numismatic heritage.

While this coin was demonetized on 31 December 1952, its historical value and collectible appeal endure, attracting collectors interested in the rich heritage of British colonial coinage in Southeast Asia. Find more alike it here!

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Almost Uncirculated – 50





Metal Type silver
Metal Purity s.900
Thickness 2
Diameter 37
Year 1875
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