1859-B Germany Hannover Thaler ANACS MS 60 Cleaned


CVC & Collectables presents this 1859-B Germany Hannover Thaler ANACS MS 60 Cleaned.

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CVC & Collectables presents this 1859-B Germany Hannover Thaler, certified by ANACS MS 60 Cleaned. Issued by the Kingdom of Hannover, the 1859-B Thaler is a distinguished coin from the reign of King George V (1851-1866). This period in German history was characterized by political changes and economic development, making the Thaler a significant piece of numismatic history. The Vereinsthaler, introduced in 1857, was a standard currency used across various German states, symbolizing economic unity and stability.

The 1859-B Hannover Thaler is a round silver coin with a silver content of .900. It weighs 18.52 grams, has a diameter of 34 mm, and a thickness of 2.5 mm. This coin features the portrait of King George V on the obverse, showcasing the monarch’s dignified profile. The reverse displays the crowned coat of arms supported by a lion and a unicorn, legend around.

Graded ANACS MS 60 and noted as cleaned, this coin retains its historical charm and visual appeal. The 1859-B Thaler is a testament to the Kingdom of Hannover’s economic prowess during the mid-19th century. Despite the cleaned designation, this coin remains a valuable collector’s item due to its rarity and the historical narrative it carries. Owning this Thaler means possessing a piece of history that witnessed the significant events of the 19th century in Germany.

Coin Highlights:

  • Grade: MS 60
  • Grader: ANACS
  • Composition: Silver (.900)
  • Weight: 18.52 g

Investing in the 1859-B Germany Hannover Thaler is an opportunity to own a piece of German heritage. This coin is not only a valuable addition to any numismatic collection but also a symbol of the Kingdom of Hannover’s legacy. Its historical significance and well-preserved condition make it an intriguing piece for collectors and historians alike. Don’t miss the chance to add this exceptional Thaler to your collection, enhancing its historical and monetary value. Find more alike it here!

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Mint State – 60





Metal Type silver
Metal Weight 18.52 g
Metal Purity s.900
Thickness 2.5
Diameter 34
Year 1859
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