1872-Mo | M Mexico Peso Toned ANACS AU 50


CVC & Collectables presents this 1872-Mo|M Mexico Peso Toned ANACS AU 50.

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CVC & Collectibles proudly presents the remarkable 1872-Mo|M Mexico Peso Toned ANACS AU 50—a captivating piece of Mexican numismatic history. This coin holds a significant place in the nation’s currency heritage, representing a momentous era in Mexico’s development.

On the obverse, the iconic Mexican eagle stands tall, symbolizing strength and unity. The reverse showcases the denomination “1 Peso” and the year “1872.” This coin reflects the craftsmanship and artistry of the Mexican mint during that time.

As a tangible link to the past, this coin holds the stories of countless transactions during a momentous period in Mexican history. Its value goes beyond its face value, carrying the essence of the economic landscape and societal aspirations of the time.

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Metal Type silver
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Metal Purity s.900
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