1977 #10 Jawas Star Wars Wonder Bread PSA 6


PSA grants this card as a 6. These originally came out of Wonder Bread, collectors were able to get a full set from distributers avoiding the card being released into the Wonder Bread.

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The 1977 Wonder Bread Star Wars trading card set has 16 cards. Key characters, droids and spaceships are the focus. Card fronts have a black border with a large Star Wars logo running up the right side. A yellow nameplate includes both the character’s name and the actor portraying them. In the instance of droids, there’s the full name in the first line and an abbreviated one below. The majority of the images should be familiar to Star Wars card collectors as most were also used during Topps’ original run of cards based on the move.

1- Luke Skywalker
2- Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi
3- Princess Leia Organa
4- Han Solo
5- Darth Vader
6 -Grand Moff Tarkin
7- See-Threepio
8- Artoo-Deetoo
9- Chewbacca
10- Jawas
11- Tusken Raiders
12- Stormtroopers
13- Millenium Falcon
14- Star Destroyer
15- X-Wing
16- TIE — Vader’s Ship
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