300-275 BC Kings Of Illyria Monounius AR Stater NGC Ch XF


CVC & Collectables presents this 300-275 BC Kings Of Illyria Monounius AR Stater NGC Ch XF.

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CVC & Collectables presents this 300-275 BC Kings of Illyria Monounius AR Stater, graded by NGC as Choice Extremely Fine, stands as a pivotal artifact from an era of significant transformation in the Greek world.

Monounios, also known as Monunius, was a prominent Illyrian ruler who held sway over southern Illyria, particularly in the territory of the Taulantii, circa 290-270 BC. Notably, Monounios was the first recorded Illyrian king to mint his own silver coins, striking them in Dyrrhachion. This act underscored his authority, as the coins were minted in the city’s mint, suggesting his influence over Dyrrhachion.

Considered the successor of Glaucias of Taulantii and likely his son, Monounios’s realm extended to the southern part of the future kingdom of Agron and Teuta. His reign coincided with the era of Pyrrhus of Epirus’s presence in Italy, during which Monounios likely expanded his dominion. He played a role in the dynastic conflicts in Macedon, aligning himself with Lysimachus’ son, Ptolemy Epigonos, against Ptolemy Ceraunos, from around 280 BC to at least early 279 BC.

Archaeological discoveries led to the finding of a helmet inscribed with the king’s name, found near Lake Ohrid, provides tangible evidence of Monounios’s historical significance and influence in the region.

Coin Highlights:

  • Kings Of Illyria, Silver Stater, 300-275 BC. 10.67 grams.
  • NGC has certified this coin as being in Choice Extra Fine.
  • Strike: 4/5. Surface: 5/5.
  • Obverse: Cow standing right, her head bent back to left to suckle her calf, kneeling left beneath her. Above, jawbone of a boar to right
  • Reverse: Double stellate pattern in the form of a square within a double linear border. All within linear circle

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