100 oz Silver Bars Misc.


Product Details

 100 oz Silver bars are one of the best ways to add to your Silver Stacking. Silver bars can often be purchased at a lower premium than brand new bars. Each Silver bar is guaranteed for Silver content and purity.

Bar Highlights:

  • Contains 100 oz of .999+ fine Silver.
  • Bars are randomly selected from a variety of brands and shapes based upon inventory available.
  • Packaging may vary
  • Diverse mix of Silver bars from numerous manufacturers such as SMI, Apmex,  U.S. Assay and many others.
  • Designs vary, which can add some collectability.
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With a variety of designs and manufacturers and a lower price point, these 100 oz secondary market Silver bars are a great way to add Silver to your investment portfolio. Coin Shop Pick!

At times, Silver bars may tone due to the natural oxidation process that has no adverse effect on the value of the Silver. The bars we sell as secondary market bars may have nicks or scratches.

Weight 100 oz