1768-MO|MF Mexico 8 Reales ANACS XF 40 Polished


CVC & Collectables presents this 1768-MO|MF Mexico 8 Reales ANACS XF 40 Polished.

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CVC & Collectables presents this 1768-MO|MF Mexico 8 Reales coin, recognized as Calico-1094 and certified by ANACS as Extra Fine 40 Details, is a captivating numismatic specimen that offers a glimpse into the economic landscape of Spanish colonial Mexico during the 18th century.

The Calico-1094 designation refers to the specific catalog number assigned to this coin in the reference book “The Coins of Mexico” by Xavier Calico. This catalog number aids in identifying and categorizing coins with unique characteristics or variations.

The EF 40 grade assigned by ANACS indicates that the coin is in Extra Fine condition, a coin with much of its mint lustre and barely visible wear on its high points, which can only be seen through a magnifying glass. It showcases its historical significance and provides a tangible link to the economic activities of the time.

Owning a 1768-MO|MF Mexico 8 Reales Calico-1094 ANACS EF 40 coin allows collectors and enthusiasts to hold a tangible piece of history that connects them to the vibrant economic activities of Spanish colonial Mexico. Its well-preserved condition and unique catalog designation make it a noteworthy addition to any collection, appealing to those interested in both numismatics and the historical context of Spanish colonial coinage.

Step back in time in the world of Spanish Colonial Reales coins from Mexico at CVC & Collectables. These historic and collectible coins bear witness to centuries of history and trade. Explore the intriguing collection of Spanish Colonial Reales (1500-1808) coins of Mexico: CVC & Collectables – Spanish Colonial Reales.

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