1835 Classic Head Half Cent PCGS AU Details Cleaned


CVC & Collectibles presents this 1835 Classic Head Half Cent PCGS AU Detail Cleaned.

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Experience a piece of history with the exquisite 1835 Classic Head Half Cent, presented by CVC & Collectibles. Graded as PCGS AU Detail Cleaned, this coin offers a fascinating window into the past, showcasing its intricate design and the stories it holds.

Travel back to a transformative era with the 1835 Classic Head Half Cent. The delicate depiction of Lady Liberty on the obverse and the distinctive wreath on the reverse capture the essence of a period marked by change and growth.

Despite the passage of time, this coin retains its historical significance, as evident in its PCGS AU Detail Cleaned grade. Holding this coin transports you to the early 19th century, allowing you to connect with the spirit of the United States during that time.

More than just a coin, the 1835 Classic Head Half Cent serves as a tangible link to a pivotal moment in American history. It invites you to explore the stories of the past and connect with those who once held it. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or simply captivated by history, this coin offers an opportunity to engage with the narratives of yesteryears and celebrate the enduring legacy of American numismatic heritage.

Coin Highlights: 

  • Designed by John Reich
  • Mintage: 398,000
  • Obverse: A classic bust facing left with the date below
  • Reverse: The denomination within a wreath with the country name around the rim

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