Star Wars 50th Anniversary Death Star Droid


The Star Wars 50th Anniversary Death Star Droid is a special collectible item released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Star Wars franchise. This collectible highlights one of the lesser-known but iconic droids from the Star Wars universe.

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  • Character: Death Star Droid, also known as RA-7, is a protocol droid seen in the original Star Wars trilogy, specifically in the Death Star scenes.
  • Occasion: Released as part of the 50th Anniversary celebration of Star Wars, commemorating the long-lasting impact and legacy of the franchise.


  • Design: The figure captures the distinctive look of the Death Star Droid, with its sleek, black finish and detailed mechanical features. The droid’s design is faithful to its appearance in the movies.
  • Articulation: Typically, such figures have multiple points of articulation, allowing for various poses and display options.
  • Packaging: The packaging often includes special 50th Anniversary branding, making it a unique collector’s item. The packaging itself can be a part of the collectible experience, often designed with artwork and logos that celebrate the Star Wars legacy.


  • Limited Edition: As a part of the 50th Anniversary celebration, this figure is likely to be a limited edition, increasing its value and appeal to collectors.
  • Demand: The unique nature and anniversary branding make it highly sought after by fans and collectors of Star Wars memorabilia.

Death Star Droid

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