Funko Pop! Coco Hector #305


The Funko Pop! Coco Hector #305 is a collectible figure from the Disney-Pixar animated film “Coco.” Comes with a protectibe case.

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  1. Character Design:
    • Figure: The figure portrays Hector, a character from the movie “Coco,” in his distinctive attire and appearance as seen in the film.
    • Details: Hector is depicted with his signature outfit and unique features, capturing his personality and role in the story.
  2. Special Features:
    • Collectible Item: As a Funko Pop! figure, Hector #305 is designed in the classic stylized Pop! vinyl format, with a unique design that makes it instantly recognizable.
    • Movie Tie-In: This figure is part of the “Coco” series by Funko, featuring characters from the beloved Disney-Pixar film.


  • Box Design: The packaging features the Funko Pop! and Disney logos, with a clear window to showcase the figure inside. The box typically includes artwork and details specific to the character and film.
  • Sticker: Some versions may include exclusive stickers indicating special editions or retailer exclusives.

Character Background:

  • Hector: Hector is a key character in the Disney-Pixar film “Coco.” He is a charming trickster from the Land of the Dead who joins Miguel on an extraordinary journey to uncover the true story behind Miguel’s family history and their relationship with music.


The Funko Pop! Coco Hector #305 is a charming addition to any Disney-Pixar or Funko Pop! collection, capturing the essence of the beloved character from “Coco.” Whether displayed alongside other figures from the movie or as a standalone piece, this Funko Pop! figure brings the magic of the film to life with its detailed design and collectible appeal.






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