Funko Pop! Halo Master Chief #04


The Funko Pop! Halo Master Chief #04 GameStop Exclusive is a special collectible that features the iconic character Master Chief from the Halo video game series. This collectible is part of the Game Cover series, which pairs Funko Pop! figures with classic video game cover art.

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  1. Character Design: The figure features Master Chief in his distinctive green Mjolnir armor, complete with his iconic helmet and weapons.
  2. Size: This figure is part of the Game Cover series, which includes a standard-sized Funko Pop! figure (approximately 3.75 inches tall) encased in a protective hard plastic display case that showcases a background image of the game’s cover art.
  3. Pose: Master Chief is depicted in a dynamic and ready-for-action pose, capturing his role as a super-soldier in the Halo series.


  • Display Case: The figure comes encased in a hard plastic display case, which includes a background featuring the cover art of the original Halo video game. This display case not only protects the figure but also enhances its visual appeal.
  • Game Cover: The background image in the display case replicates the cover of the classic Halo game, adding a unique and artistic element to the collectible.
  • Exclusive Sticker: The packaging features a GameStop exclusive sticker, indicating its limited availability and exclusivity to GameStop stores.


  • GameStop Exclusive: This figure was available exclusively through GameStop, making it a limited edition and more desirable for collectors.
  • Limited Release: Being a part of a special series and exclusive to a specific retailer means it was produced in limited quantities, enhancing its rarity.

Character Background:

  • Master Chief: Master Chief, also known as John-117, is the protagonist of the Halo series. He is a Spartan-II supersoldier, known for his courage, skill, and determination in battling the Covenant, the Flood, and other threats to humanity.



Master Chief


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