AD 1028-1034 Romanus III Byzantine Empire AV Hist. NGC Fine


CVC & Collectables presents this AD 1028-1034 Romanus III Byzantine Empire AV Hist. Nomisma.

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CVC & Collectables is pleased to present the AD 1028-1034 Byzantine Romanus III Argyrus AV Gold Nomisma is a coin that offers a direct connection to a crucial period in Byzantine history. Featuring the image of Emperor Romanus III Argyrus, this gold coin provides valuable insights into the reign and legacy of this Byzantine ruler.

Historical Context:

Romanus III Argyrus, born around AD 968, ascended to the Byzantine throne following his marriage to Zoë Porphyrogenita. His reign, from AD 1028 to 1034, focused on maintaining stability amidst internal politics, economic challenges, and military threats. Romanus implemented fiscal reforms and defended Byzantine territories against various threats. However, his reign was marred by court tensions and accusations of mistreating Zoë. Romanus III’s rule ended tragically with his assassination in AD 1034, culminating the challenges and uncertainties of his tenure.

Coin Features:

  • Appearance: The obverse features the image of Romanus III Argyrus, showcasing the meticulous artistry of the time. The reverse depicts the Christ and the Virgin Mary.
  • Composition: Crafted in gold, the AV Nomisma is a testament to the Byzantine Empire’s monetary standards and prestige.
  • Diameter and Weight: The coin measures approximately 20-22 mm in diameter and weighs around 4.22 grams.


The AD 1028-1034 Byzantine Romanus III Argyrus AV Gold Nomisma is cherished for its historical significance and exquisite craftsmanship. This coin is a testament to the exceptional preservation and intricate design typical of Byzantine minting techniques. It represents a fascinating period in Byzantine history, making it a valuable addition to any numismatic collection. Find more alike here!

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Fine – 12





Metal Type


Metal Type Gold
Metal Weight 4.22 g
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