Funko Pop! Batman #04 Art Series


The Funko Pop! Batman #04 Art Series is another unique and artistic collectible in the Funko Pop! Art Series line, showcasing Batman in a distinct and stylized design. Comes with protective case.

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  1. Character Design:
    • Figure: This figure represents Batman with an artistic and creative paint application, setting it apart from standard Funko Pop! designs. The Art Series figures are known for their unique patterns, textures, and colors that give each character a fresh and artistic look.
    • Artistic Elements: The specific design for Batman #04 in the Art Series may feature abstract patterns, graffiti-like elements, or other unique artistic touches that make it visually striking.
  2. Special Features:
    • Art Series: As part of the Art Series line, this figure is designed to be a piece of art. The paint application is often more complex and detailed than standard Funko Pop! figures.
    • Unique Paint Application: Each figure in the Art Series has variations in the paint application, making each one slightly different and unique.


  • Box Design: The box features the Funko Pop! and DC Comics logos, along with a window to view the figure inside. The packaging also prominently displays the “Art Series” branding, indicating its unique artistic nature.
  • Hard Protector: Art Series figures often come with a hard plastic protector case to ensure the figure and its distinctive paint job are kept in pristine condition.

Character Background:

  • Batman: Also known as Bruce Wayne, Batman is a superhero who fights crime in Gotham City. Renowned for his detective skills, martial arts abilities, and use of high-tech gadgets, Batman is one of the most iconic and enduring characters in comic book history.

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