Funko Pop! Star Wars Kanan #132


The Funko Pop! Star Wars Kanan #132 in excellent condition is a valuable and cherished addition to any Star Wars or Funko Pop! collection. Celebrating the heroic and complex character of Kanan Jarrus, this figure captures his essence and is a must-have for fans of the Star Wars Rebels series and collectors alike.

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  1. Character Design: The figure features Kanan Jarrus in his recognizable outfit from Star Wars Rebels, complete with his lightsaber and shoulder armor. His pose often reflects his readiness for battle and leadership qualities.
  2. Size: Standard Funko Pop! size, approximately 3.75 inches tall.
  3. Pose: Kanan is usually depicted in a dynamic and heroic stance, holding his lightsaber, symbolizing his role as a Jedi and protector.


  • Display Box: The figure comes in a standard Funko Pop! window display box with the Star Wars Rebels logo and images of Kanan.
  • Condition (EC): Excellent Condition means the figure and the box are well-preserved with minimal signs of wear, crucial for maintaining its value. Also cimes with a protective case.

Character Background:

  • Kanan Jarrus: Born Caleb Dume, Kanan survived Order 66 and hid his Jedi identity for years. He eventually joins the crew of the Ghost, becoming a mentor to Ezra Bridger and a key figure in the fight against the Galactic Empire.

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