Funko Pop! Star Wars Omega #448 Target


The Funko Pop! Star Wars Omega #448 is a collectible figure based on the character Omega from the Star Wars: The Bad Batch series. This particular version is a Target exclusive, making it a sought-after item for collectors.

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  1. Character Design:
    • Figure: The figure features Omega, the young female clone who plays a significant role in Star Wars: The Bad Batch. She is depicted in her distinctive outfit from the series.
    • Accessories: Omega may come with specific accessories or features that are representative of her character in the series, such as her headband or other distinctive items.
  2. Exclusive Details:
    • Target Exclusive: This figure is a Target exclusive, indicated by a special sticker on the packaging. Exclusivity often makes the figure more desirable among collectors.

Character Background:

  • Omega: Omega is a unique clone with enhanced abilities and a keen sense of intuition. She becomes an integral part of the Bad Batch team, providing support and forming close bonds with the members of Clone Force 99.

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