Guide Book of Civil War Tokens 3rd Edition


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Q. David Bowers

  • ISBN: 0794846467
  • Pub Date: 11/20/2018 Edition: 3rd Edition
  • Binding: Paperback Size: 6×9 Pages: 516
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Q. David Bowers’s best-selling and award-winning Guide Book of Civil War Tokens has been updated and expanded (32 additional pages) in a new second edition. It includes recent re-search findings, more illustrations, and updated pricing in multiple grades. Also new in the second edition: chapters on sutler tokens and encased postage stamps. Civil War tokens are tangible reminders of American history. These small, cent-sized to-kens served as emergency money during the small-change shortage of 1862 to 1865. Today they are highly collectible, and A Guide Book of Civil War Tokens elevates the collecting and study of these once-shunned imitation cents to a new level of scholarship and accessibility. Novice and experienced collectors alike, as well as history buffs and everyone interested in the Civil War, will find this volume a fascinating and indispensable reference. Inside, you’ll find a wealth of information not in print in any other single source. Volume #16 in the Bowers Series. Book 16 of the series.