Funko Pop! Movie Poster: Star Wars- Luke Skywalker #01


The Funko Pop! Movie Poster: Star Wars – Luke Skywalker #01 Walmart Exclusive is a unique collectible that combines the iconic imagery of Star Wars with the beloved Funko Pop! design.

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  1. Character Design:
    • Luke Skywalker: The figure features Luke Skywalker in his classic attire, capturing his iconic look from the Star Wars movie poster.
    • Movie Poster Background: The packaging includes a replica of the original Star Wars movie poster, adding a nostalgic and visually appealing element to the collectible.
  2. Special Edition:
    • Walmart Exclusive: This specific edition is exclusively available at Walmart, making it a unique find for collectors.
    • Number: This figure is numbered as #01 in the Movie Poster series, indicating its place as the first in this line.


  • Display Box: The figure comes in a special oversized display box designed to showcase both the figure and the included movie poster. The clear window allows you to see the figure and the poster background without opening the box.
  • Exclusive Sticker: The packaging includes a sticker indicating it is a Walmart Exclusive, adding to its authenticity and exclusivity.


  • Popularity: Combining the iconic Star Wars franchise with the unique Funko Pop! design and the added element of a movie poster makes this a highly desirable item for both Funko Pop! and Star Wars collectors.
  • Condition: Like Brand New

Where to Find:

  • Walmart: Initially available at Walmart stores and on the Walmart website.
  • Online Resale: After the initial release, it can be found on secondary marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and collector forums. Prices may vary based on demand and condition.


The Funko Pop! Movie Poster: Star Wars – Luke Skywalker #01 Walmart Exclusive is a standout piece for any Funko Pop! or Star Wars collection. Its unique combination of a collectible figure with the classic movie poster background and the Walmart exclusivity makes it a highly sought-after item. Whether displayed in its special oversized box or alongside other Star Wars memorabilia, this figure captures the essence of the iconic Star Wars saga and the enduring appeal of Luke Skywalker.


Star Wars


Luke Skywalker


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