Funko Pop! Star Wars Rebels Ezra #134


The Funko Pop! Star Wars Rebels: Ezra Bridger Vinyl Figure is a notable collectible for fans of the “Star Wars Rebels” animated series. Comes with protective case.

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  1. Character Design:
    • Figure: The figure portrays Ezra Bridger, one of the main characters from the “Star Wars Rebels” series. Ezra is depicted in his signature outfit from the show, which includes his orange jumpsuit and helmet.
    • Details: The figure is designed in the classic Funko Pop! vinyl style, characterized by an oversized head and eyes. It captures Ezra’s unique features and iconic elements, such as his lightsaber and helmet.
  2. Special Features:
    • Exclusive Collector (EC) Status: This denotes a higher level of attention to detail and quality, making it more desirable for serious collectors.
    • Star Wars Rebels Branding: Part of the “Star Wars Rebels” lineup, this figure is an essential piece for fans of the series.


  • Box Design: The packaging features the Funko Pop! logo and “Star Wars Rebels” branding. The box includes a clear window that displays the figure inside.
  • Sticker: Depending on the specific release and exclusivity, the box might include stickers denoting its exclusivity or special edition status.


  • Popularity: “Star Wars Rebels” has a dedicated fan base, and characters like Ezra Bridger are highly popular, making this Funko Pop! figure a sought-after item.
  • Limited Availability: Exclusive Collector figures are produced in limited quantities, adding to their collectible value and potential appreciation over time.

Character Background:

  • Ezra Bridger: Ezra Bridger is a young Force-sensitive human who becomes a key member of the Ghost crew in “Star Wars Rebels.” Throughout the series, he evolves from a street-smart orphan into a powerful Jedi Knight, playing a crucial role in the fight against the Galactic Empire.


The Funko Pop! Star Wars Rebels: Ezra Bridger Vinyl Figure is an essential addition for any Star Wars or Funko Pop! collector. Its detailed design, coupled with the character’s significance in the “Star Wars Rebels” series, makes it a standout piece. Whether displayed alongside other Star Wars Rebels figures or as part of a broader Star Wars collection, this figure captures the essence of Ezra Bridger and celebrates his journey within the Star Wars universe.


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