Funko Pop! The Walking Dead- T-Dog #495


The Funko Pop! T-Dog #495 from “The Walking Dead,” specifically the 2017 Convention Exclusive, is a collectible vinyl figure based on the character T-Dog from the popular television series. Comes with a protective case.

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  1. Character Design:
    • Figure: The figure depicts T-Dog in his distinctive outfit and appearance as seen in “The Walking Dead” series. This typically includes his post-apocalyptic attire and any specific details that define his character.
    • Details: T-Dog is stylized in the classic Funko Pop! vinyl format, known for its oversized head and eyes, which are characteristic of the Pop! series.
  2. Special Features:
    • Convention Exclusive: Released as a 2017 Convention Exclusive, this variant of T-Dog was available exclusively during that convention season and in limited quantities.
    • Collectible Item: As part of the Funko Pop! series, T-Dog #495 is sought after by fans of “The Walking Dead” and collectors of Funko Pop! figures.

Character Background:

  • T-Dog: Portrayed by IronE Singleton, T-Dog is a character in “The Walking Dead” known for his loyalty and bravery. He is a survivor of the zombie apocalypse and plays a significant role within the group led by Rick Grimes.


The Funko Pop! T-Dog #495 2017 Convention Exclusive is a prized addition to any collection of “The Walking Dead” memorabilia and Funko Pop! figures. With its limited availability and unique design, this figure commemorates T-Dog’s character in the post-apocalyptic world, making it a standout piece for fans and collectors alike. Whether displayed alongside other figures from “The Walking Dead” or kept as a collectible item, this Funko Pop! figure captures the essence of the series and the appeal of convention exclusives in the collectibles market.


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